Hand Forged Log Basket

Log Basket

Hand Forged Log Basket by Black Fox Metalcraft

Forged Log Basket Log Basket Insitu

Here’s a few photos of a log basket we’ve made on the forge recently. We didn’t get round to making a jig for it, so all the curves are forged by hand over the anvil – getting all the curves the same was very difficult! There’s a rack for newspaper underneath the bit that holds the logs, and a hook either side for hanging fireside tools.

The customer sent us a couple of photos of log baskets she had found online, and asked us to come up with a design that combined aspects of both, including a laser cut Stag design at the bottom. We’ve used a black powder coat as the finish, rather than beeswax that we’d normally use on forged items, mainly because it will offer better protection if the logs are a little damp.

We were so pleased with the finished piece after all the work that had gone into it, as was the customer. She has sent us the photo above of it insitu and emailed to say “This will be a treasured piece of furniture for us and deservingly after the craftsman ship used to make it. ”

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