Horse and Trap Sign

Photo Bespoke SignClose up of Farm SignWe were recently contacted by a customer who had seen our ‘Horse swinging Sign’, pictured above, and was wondering if we could create a similar design involving a horse and trap. It’s not a problem to make alterations to any of our existing designs, so of course we said yes. The horse and trap design itself has come from working from┬áseveral different photographs in order to get the right angle, perspective, horse and driver, which was a little tricky but worth the effort in terms of making this a totally unique image. Initially I had planned to use the same design around the top as shown in the ‘Horse swinging Sign’, but as this one is portrait and the new design is landscape, we felt this wouldn’t really look right. So I printed out several copies of the Horse and Trap design, and doodled around them until I had something I was happy with! This was then transferred onto the computer relatively easily, and sent over to the customer who approved it straight away. Great to see our designs developing in this way.

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