RHS Tatton Silver Prize

Floral Art StandThis piece was designed & made by Fletcher & Foley, a florist in Sale Moor. It won the Silver prize at RHS Tatton this weekend. It’s based around the theme of the cotton industry in Manchester. We were commissioned to make the frame for it a couple of months ago. We used 25 mm box section so it’s really lightweight but strong – at the time our customer wasn’t sure how much weight it would need to hold, so we thought it’s better to be safe! The whole frame collapses for ease of transport, and the base and top, made from slightly smaller box section, simply slots back into the triangular end pieces to reassemble. The most difficult thing about making this bespoke floral art stand was getting the angles right where the triangles lean in; the customer wasn’t specific about it but we had to make sure both sides lean in to the same degree or it wouldn’t look right. Really pleased to be a part of the display that won the Silver prize at RHS Tatton, and a big congratulations to Fletcher and Foley for their design! There’s some more photos of the display on their blog; please follow the link above.

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  1. The stand was fantastic! It was perfect, and this morning I’ve dismantled the whole piece and put it up again in the shop. Quick and easy and lightweight enough for me to carry. Thanks guys for all your help on this 🙂

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