Tatton Park Classic Car Show

Here is baby Robin, the newest addition to the Black Fox team, looking after his weathervanes and house signs at the Tatton Park classic car show this weekend. Pictured here admiring his Morris Minor Traveller weathervane in the surprisingly good weather on Saturday afternoon!

2 thoughts on 'Tatton Park Classic Car Show'

  1. You had a fantastic stand, the weathervanes looked good and so did the art deco signs. Might put an order in for one of those hanging basket brackets with the cats on soon. Hopefully I can pop round and see you at your workshop again soon, where it will hopefully be a little dryer than Tatton Park!

  2. Thanks! Do come and see us again, might even set you to work welding :). Just ordered a load more cat & bird designs in as we’ve just had another order for the house sign. Can certainly be put on a bracket as well, just let us know when you want it!

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