Sheep and Collie Farm Sign

Sheepdog Farm SignJust finished the final coat of cream on this wall mounted farm sign. It was a bespoke design commissioned by a customer at the Hodder Valley show a few of weeks ago, we will be packaging it and sending it out as soon as its dry.  Which given how cold the workshop is today, it could be a while..

As always the letters are hand painted, and I have chosen a more standard ‘Times New Roman’ font this time. It looks really neat and works well for this style of sign, so will probably use it again for the Dachshund and Triumph Bonneville house name signs that I’ll be painting over the weekend.

So time to start packaging the Red Kite weathervane, sort out some stuff for Sunday’s craft fair at the Reebok stadium (makes a nice change to be exhibiting at a more local event!) and hopefully find time to do the gold leafing on the letters for a Cat & Bird weathervane.

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