Custom Swinging Sign

Bespoke Farm SignOur large bespoke farm sign, ready for collection tomorrow morning! We put a lot of work into the design and making of this swinging sign so its fantastic to see it finished. I chose to use high quality outdoor silver paint for the half scrolls on top in the end, rather than silver leaf which would tarnish as soon as it rains, or imitation silver leaf which I was unsure of how weather resistant it would be in the long term. The design is based on photos that the customer sent of his gates and the path leading up to Whitegate Farm. The wrought iron gates themselves were made by a local Blacksmith and are absolutely stunning, and I think the perspective works perfectly in this design. Hand painting the text took ages because it has been so cold in our workshop that the consistency of the paint has thickened to such an extent that it’s been really difficult to work with, but the sign was too big and heavy to be taking home every night to paint. Despite this, it’s been a really exciting project and we would love to work on more large scale swinging signs for farms or pubs!

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