Art Deco Hanging Basket Brackets

Hanging Basket Metalwork PhotoWe’ve just had this photo sent in showing a pair of our Art Deco inspired hanging basket brackets, looking fantastic now it’s summer and the plants are flowering! The customer bought a set of four brackets, and asked for them to be powdercoated dark blue, which we did for only a small extra charge. The design was inspired by an Art deco sun motif, it looks like it suits this house perfectly.

Art Deco Style Metalwork



















































Black Fox are keen to expand our range of Art Deco inspired metalwork. Inspired by the classic design of the Morgan car, we began experimenting with this distinctive style. Beginning in Paris in the 1920’s, the Art Deco movement spread worldwide throughout the 1930’s and into the 40’s, influencing all areas of design from graphics to architecture. The geometric elements of this style clearly take inspiration from Cubism and Futurism, while I think also retaining the elegance of Art Nouveau.

It is this combination of elegance with decorative geometric shapes that I think makes Art Deco metalwork so stylish. Here’s a few images that I feel have influenced Black Fox’s range of weathervanes, hanging basket brackets, window boxes and swinging signs. Please check out the Art Deco designs in our online shop.

In particular if you look at the stamp image above, you can see how this classic sun motif inspired us to design and create our Art Deco hanging basket bracket.

Fence Post Mounting Hanging Basket Bracket

We’re also adding this to our gallery this week – our concrete fence post mounting hanging basket bracket. Its an idea we are still working to improve as all concrete fence posts seem to vary in size so much. Any of our hanging basket bracket designs can be adapted to mount onto a concrete fence post.

Hand Painting Our Signs

Today I’ve been painting the lettering on our Art Deco swinging sign. We chose a font in a similar style, which I drew on in pencil. Took ages getting it right! I then sanded the powder coated surface using a tiny Dremel attachment in order to give the primer something to stick to. I’ve used a red oxide primer, I actually think the lettering looks really good in red – this might be something to try on another sign? This didn’t take too long to dry, so I then did the first coat in cream. It is still drying now, so will have to finish it tomorrow. I can definitely see why some companies use vinyl stick on lettering, as this process was very time consuming and quite difficult, but its more durable this way and I think the hand painted looks so much classier.  I’m really pleased with how its turned out; the lettering really compliments the Art Deco style of the Morgan and its bracket. Available now (with hand painted text of your choice) in our online shop.

Hanging Signs

We are currently working on a range of swinging signs for homes and businesses. The one on the left is based around 1930’s Art Deco design – I think the Morgan fits perfectly with this style. The house or shop name can be either laser cut out or hand painted on, and literally any design can be put in place of the Morgan. The photo on the right is our Black Fox sign that we made yesterday. The fox at the bottom is based on our logo, and the top of the design is made up of two brackets I designed for a customer in Manchester. Really pleased with it and cant wait to see it hanging outside our workshop! Will be getting powder coated later in the week.

Morgan Weathervane

This is the first weathervane created based on our photos from the Tatton Park classic car show. I’ve replaced our traditional scrolls with the art deco inspired circle design; I think it really compliments the 1930s style of the Morgan. We are really looking forward to exhibiting at the next show (18th & 19th August), so many more designs like this to come!

This weathervane, and other similar designs are available in our online shop for £99 (miniature) £180 (medium) and £265 (large).