Bespoke Laser Cut Sign

Laser CUt Giraffe SignWe love this bespoke laser cut sign we produced recently! The customer contacted us with a clear idea in mind as to what they wanted their house sign to look like, and so with such a definite brief, the bespoke design was fairly straighforward.The markings on the Giraffe were a little complex to work out, as I’ve actually simplified it quite a bit so the laser cut design wouldn’t be too delicate, but we still wanted it to look realistic and not cartoony. The name Kisima means ‘watering hole’ in Swahili, and though I’m not sure of the significance of this for the customer, I love the design as it’s quite a contemporary style but with a traditional look to it.

Weathervanes at Capesthorn Hall

We have just booked to exhibit this sunday at the classic car and bike show at Capesthorn Hall near Macclesfield. Tatton was quite successful and got a lot of positive feedback on our car based weathervane designs, so really looking forward to this one. We have been working this week on car designs that people suggested they would like to see on a weathervane or house sign – a VW Beetle, Mini, Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite, MG Midget, MGA, MGTD… the list goes on! We’d love to expand our range of classic car weathervanes so are not charging extra for design work. Any other ideas please let us know!

Classic Car Weathervanes


Here’s the latest additions to our range of classic car weathervanes ready for going to be electroplated and powder coated first thing tomorrow – Aston Martin DB5, Morris Minor Traveller, E-Type Jag and Austin Healey 3000. These designs are also available as house signs. Really looking forward to the car show at Tatton park next weekend – hoping for better weather than the last one!

Hand Painting Our Signs

Today I’ve been painting the lettering on our Art Deco swinging sign. We chose a font in a similar style, which I drew on in pencil. Took ages getting it right! I then sanded the powder coated surface using a tiny Dremel attachment in order to give the primer something to stick to. I’ve used a red oxide primer, I actually think the lettering looks really good in red – this might be something to try on another sign? This didn’t take too long to dry, so I then did the first coat in cream. It is still drying now, so will have to finish it tomorrow. I can definitely see why some companies use vinyl stick on lettering, as this process was very time consuming and quite difficult, but its more durable this way and I think the hand painted looks so much classier.  I’m really pleased with how its turned out; the lettering really compliments the Art Deco style of the Morgan and its bracket. Available now (with hand painted text of your choice) in our online shop.

Hanging Signs

We are currently working on a range of swinging signs for homes and businesses. The one on the left is based around 1930’s Art Deco design – I think the Morgan fits perfectly with this style. The house or shop name can be either laser cut out or hand painted on, and literally any design can be put in place of the Morgan. The photo on the right is our Black Fox sign that we made yesterday. The fox at the bottom is based on our logo, and the top of the design is made up of two brackets I designed for a customer in Manchester. Really pleased with it and cant wait to see it hanging outside our workshop! Will be getting powder coated later in the week.

Classic Car Show

Just sent off the forms for exhibiting at the next Tatton Park Classic Car show, 18th & 19th August. Really excited about it! Will be working on designs for classic car weathervanes & house number signs this week, starting with a Morris Minor Traveller. Any other ideas please let me know – really looking forward to adding a range of car related designs. For now though, look at our pretty Morgan!

Classic Cars

We recently visited the classic car show at Tatton park one rainy Sunday morning. Took loads of photos of some very pretty old cars, with the aim of turning some of them into weathervane and house sign motifs. Below are two of my favourites. Any suggestions for cars you would like to see on a weathervane or house sign please let us know! Despite the awful weather and wet feet by the end of the day, we really enjoyed it and hope to be able to exhibit at the next show!