Bespoke Floral Art Stand

Floral Art PhotoAnother photo from this year’s Cheshire County Show – a bespoke Floral Art stand we made for a customer from Knutsford. The base is made from solid steel so no weights need to be used, and the lightweight legs and top are removable, so easy to transport. We love this brightly coloured display, really pleased to see one of our stands being used in the flower marquee this week.

New Floral Art Stands

Flower arranging standView above floral art frameFlower Arranging Stand imageAngle view custom floral art standTwo new floral art stands, finished this week for a customer in Cheshire. The first is a hollow box section frame approximately 24″ square, with removable legs and bars. The second constists of two circles that screw together into a removable base – the larger circle being around in 24″ diameter and the smaller 16″, and this both come with mesh to match. The rough idea for these stands came from our customer, and we then worked out the best way to make them. Making the circles was a challenge initially because we didn’t have the correct jigs for bending the correct size circles. Once we had sorted this out, it was relatively straightforward, and wouldn’t be a problem to re produce. These flower arranging stands are lightweight, as all the parts are removable, therefore making them easy to transport and re assemble.

We now have a page on the website dedicated to up and coming events where you can find us exhibiting our metalwork, and also another new page containing links to other websites that may be of interest.

Cheshire Show 2013

We have just booked a stand at this years Cheshire County Show! Our pitch is right near the main show area, and this two day event is expected to attract 80 000 visitors, which is by far the biggest show we have done. We’re currently working on designing a new stand with a 6 metre frontage  to display our weathervanes, farm signs, floral art stands and much more. Loads to do in preparation but so excited about this one!

Today I have been discussing a weathervane design with a customer based on her working cocker spaniels, and we have also picked up our latest swinging farm sign from the electroplaters. Its a really nice bespoke design showing a sheep, collie and shepherd, and will be going to Holland as soon as I have painted it.

Weathervanes in Cumbria

Bespoke Floral Art Stands

Bespoke Floral Art StandThis is our latest Floral Art Stand – the ‘Onion’. The eight bars are all hand forged, and the base is plasma cut in our workshop. This design started as a bespoke request, and is now available in our online shop. We exhibited last night at a Floral Art club meeting and demonstration in Northwich, Cheshire, where our stands and other metalwork got a really good response.

So today we have welded together a vintage motorbike house sign, and some more Cat & Bird Key hooks. And we’re getting ready for the Arley Hall Christmas craft and gift fair this weekend.

Harley Davidson Weathervane

Bit of a boring office and accounts type day today, but have made some progress on some floral art stands ordered last week, and sold a labrador weathervane. We’re also looking at designing a JCB weathervane after an enquiry this morning, and tomorrow I’ll be working on a design for a farm sign based on a Lincoln Red Cow and calf.  And we should be able to pick up the new designs from the powder coaters – really looking forward to seeing them, especially the Harley Davidson Weathervane!

Heres another little article about the creation of Black Fox Metalcraft written by Stockport College where I studied Illustration. Was nice to discover that online today!


Horse Weathervane and much more!

Another busy week ahead in the Black Fox workshop – today we have made some Cat & Bird Key hooks for a customer in Cornwall, packaged up a horse weathervane ordered at the Stokesley show, and we’ve also been working on a design for an MGB GT house name sign.  I’ve been looking at shows to exhibit at in the run up to Christmas, found some really good ones that I am quite excited about.  We’ll be in Cumbria this weekend at the Wasdale Head show, assuming it isnt cancelled due to the weather, and possibly the Eleftheria craft fair in Penrith on Sunday.

And then tomorrow we’ll be spending the day in the workshop working on some bespoke floral art stands ordered last week, and also a very special wedding present – really looking forward to seeing this one finished!

Cat and Bird Key Hooks

Floral Art Stands

Floral Art BasketCollapsible Floral Art Stand

Extendable Floral Art StandWe have launched the new section on our website, Floral Art Stands!  We already have several bespoke orders and enquiries, which will be added to the site and available for purchase over the coming weeks.

All of our floral art stands are electroplated to prevent rusting, and can be powder coated matt black if required. They are also TIG welded; this method of welding is neater and more precise, and therefore far less noticeable than the more commonly used MIG.

We visited the Southport Flower Arranging show back in July, there were some fantastic designs on display there – please have a look at this earlier post to see the kind of things these stands can be used for!  We are really excited about expanding our range of flower arranging stands and frames so please contact us on 0161 681 4293 to discuss your ideas.

Bespoke Flower Arranging Stands

This is one of several bespoke flower arranging stands we are producing for a customer in Cheshire. It is 4ft high, and can be dismantled for easy transportation. The base and top are identical, and are joined by four lengths of square hollow section. It is Tig welded, and will be electroplated later in the week, when we go to pick up several house signs and hanging basket brackets we dropped off last week.

The main difficulty I had with this job was welding the 1.2mm thick metal to the 10mm square bar – when the amps were too high the thinner material burnt through, but if they were too low the thicker metal did not melt enough to form a decent weld. So it took a while getting it right – holding the torch at the correct angle so that most of the heat went into the thicker metal was key here. We are really pleased with the results – looks very professional and should last for years.

Black Fox in the press again!

Here’s a link to another article about the story behind Black Fox Metalcraft, this time in the Warrington Guardian. A really nice article! We’ve had a long and busy day today – made a cockerel weathervane for a customer in Bristol, started work on a bespoke flower arranging stand, designed a gothic hanging basket bracket after an enquiry through our website, and also started work on the products for our stand at the Trebaron garden centre.

Southport Flower Arranging Show

We have had an enquiry from a customer about possibly making stands and frames for flower arranging displays. Yesterday Black Fox visited the National show in Southport to see the sort of metalwork she requires. We had never been to a flower arranging show before, and I was surprised by how unusual some of the displays were (see carrots below!) I think one of my favourites was based around a poem about the industrial revolution, unfortunately the photo of this didn’t come out very well. Not the kind of theme I expected to see at all! Overall a really good day out and I hope that some Black Fox metalwork will be on display at the next show.