Very Unusual Bespoke Bracket

Unusual Bespoke BracketPossibly our most unusual order to date.. A bespoke hanging basket bracket with a Traction Engine and Kite design; I would be very surprised if we sold another one of these! We’ve exhibited at a couple of steam rallies this year which have been a lot of fun, (Riverside near Southport and Chipping in the Ribble Valley) so we were delighted when the customer rang asking for a design based on his friend’s third scale Traction Engine. There’s a photo of it below. Originally he wanted the kite flying from the steam engine itself, but I realised that would have made the tail of the kite far too delicate, so I suggested having it underneath and much larger. While we only cut one of the Kite design, we ordered 5 Traction Engines as I think it will look fantastic on a weathervane or house number plate. Will probably find its way into our display stand for next years steam rallies, possibly even as a hand painted in colour design..

Steam Engine Photo

Wall Mounted Black Fox Sign

Black Fox SignWeathervane with GildingHere’s the other new sign we have put up outside our workshop, this one is wall mounted just above our often missed letter box. Its the same design as our beautiful Fox weathervane, just on a smaller scale. We’ve also put this fox into a hanging basket bracket design at the request of a customer we met at Arley Hall in July, and have a batch on order with the laser cutter at the moment. Would be really nice to have a pair of these new hanging basket brackets outside the workshop so we’d have the full set of this design!

Custom Saxophone Bracket

Custom Hanging basket bracketLoving our new Saxophone hanging basket bracket! Our customer ordered it for her friend who is a keen gardener and also Saxophonist. It’s based on our Fox bracket, but I have obviously swapped the Fox for a Saxophone and altered the design a bit to fit around the instrument. It will be available soon in our online shop, as both an indoor and outdoor bracket.

Its our first proper show of the year on Sunday, up in Lytham St Annes. We’ve painted the display board white and have several new display models so really looking forward to seeing it all put together!

Swinging Farm Sign

Sheep, Collie and Shepherd Farm SignI finished this swinging farm sign yesterday; it is now being electroplated. The sign shows a sheep and shepherd with his border collie, and will be going to Holland. We met the customers at an agriculture show in Lancashire, where they admired our Black Fox swinging sign. They wanted something similar producing for their home, where they breed working Collies. The art nouveau style design decorating the top of the sign is based around our hanging basket bracket, a bespoke design done for a local customer last summer.

Custom Art Nouveau Bracket

Unique hanging basket bracketThis bespoke hanging basket bracket was collected yesterday by a customer from Oldham. Having bought one of our art nouveau brackets for a friend’s Christmas present, they wanted something similar themselves, and asked if they could have a laser cut design welded on top as well. We used the design from the Cat & Bird weathervane – I wasn’t sure how these two different designs would work together as they are very similar in style, but not similar enough to look like a continuation of the same piece. Luckily the size of the two laser cut profiles allows them to flow into each other quite naturally, and I think this is a truly stunning and unique bracket.

Best Selling Metalcraft

Designer hanging basket bracket.Sheep & Collie SignGun Dogs Weathervane in situThese were our best selling metalcraft products in 2012: The Sheep and Collie Farm Sign, Gun Dogs Weathervane and Black Fox hanging basket Bracket. This bracket, often ordered by people with the Sir name ‘Fox’ was the first design I did after setting up the business so really pleased that it has become so popular. The Sheep and Collie Farm sign was initially ordered as a bespoke design at the Hodder Valley Agriculture Show back in September, and based on its popularity we’re definitely going to work on other farm related designs such as Pigs in time for the next season of shows. The Gun Dogs weathervane was also an early design, and has been consistently popular and always commented on at all the shows we have been to. Really looking forward to the year ahead!

Bespoke Gothic Hanging Basket Bracket

Gothic Bracket Designs

Gothic Bracket Final Design
Bespoke Gothic BracketBespoke Gothic Bracket

We were contacted recently by a customer in Bedford asking if we could design and make a bespoke bracket to match the gothic arched windows in her house. She sent several photos of her home, which was helpful from a design point of view to be able to see where the bracket would be mounted. I visited Prague a few years ago, which is full of fantastic Gothic architecture – my photos from this trip inspired the sketches I did. So I emailed her several design ideas, and she was able to chose from these – the design she chose was our favourite one too. So I turned the sketch into a DXF and sent it to be laser cut. Its great to see a customer’s idea become a finished product! Originally intended to hang a lantern, this bracket is now available in our online shop as a hanging basket bracket.

And this is what our customer had to say about her bespoke gothic bracket:

“The bracket has arrived and is stunning – thank you very much.”


Black Fox Customer Comments

Here’s a few comments we have had emailed from customers recently:

“We are so pleased with the weather vane and the little gifty. Thankyou very much.
We wish you all the best in your venture.” (Miniature Boat Weathervane and Coat hooks)

“It all looks super; can’t wait to see it assembled.”  (Large Horse Weathervane)

“We are so pleased, it is beautiful.”  (Art Nouveau House Name Sign)

“The hanging basket bracket has arrived and is stunning, thank you very much.” (Bespoke gothic style hanging basket bracket)

“Just a quick message to say that the weathervane has arrived safely!  It looks great thank you – can’t wait to get it put up!!”  (Medium Cockerel Weathervane)

It’s fantastic to see an idea go through the design process and come out with a beautiful finished product that the customer is completely happy with!