Very Unusual Bespoke Bracket

Unusual Bespoke BracketPossibly our most unusual order to date.. A bespoke hanging basket bracket with a Traction Engine and Kite design; I would be very surprised if we sold another one of these! We’ve exhibited at a couple of steam rallies this year which have been a lot of fun, (Riverside near Southport and Chipping in the Ribble Valley) so we were delighted when the customer rang asking for a design based on his friend’s third scale Traction Engine. There’s a photo of it below. Originally he wanted the kite flying from the steam engine itself, but I realised that would have made the tail of the kite far too delicate, so I suggested having it underneath and much larger. While we only cut one of the Kite design, we ordered 5 Traction Engines as I think it will look fantastic on a weathervane or house number plate. Will probably find its way into our display stand for next years steam rallies, possibly even as a hand painted in colour design..

Steam Engine Photo

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