Wasdale Head Show

Agriculture Show Photo Wasdale, Cumbria Shepherd's Crooks Image Classic Bikes A few photos taken at the Wasdale Head show in Cumbria this weekend. We stayed a few miles away in Waberthwaite, and first thing in the morning it looked set to be a beautiful day. As we got away from the coast and into the valley however, the wind picked up and as we arrived in the field, noticed the remains of somebody’s gazebo lying destroyed on the ground. Not a good start! So we attempted to hold on to our still quite new gazebo while getting the poles up & ratchet straps on, but could see the poles bending with the wind, and remembering the Arley Hall incident in July, decided that we didn’t want to lose another gazebo. So we packed it away again. Thankfully the organisers were really good about it, and shuffled a few people around so we could set up our stand in a closed off bit of the beer tent. We were a bit hidden away, but despite that had a pretty good show! It’s a really nice event, and was good to catch up with some of our customers from last year. Got some repeat custom which is always nice, and will be doing an Elephant weathervane for the ¬†winner of this years beard competition. And the Terrier racing was a highlight as usual. After the final they tried it with non Terriers, one of which was a spaniel who really didn’t get it and ran in the wrong direction.

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