Weathervanes at Stokesley

Stand photograph Black Fox
Cockerel Weathervane PhotoSo for a second year Stokesley Agriculture show has turned out to be a really good one for us! Heres a couple of photos of our stand from the weekend, complete with two medium weathervanes mounted to the roof of our new gazebo. From this angle you don’t get a great view of it but coming from the main entrance towards our stands they really stood out against the thankfully bright blue sky. It was nice to arrive earlier on the Friday this year too and actually be able to see something of the town, and also visit a really nice pub once we had our display set up. The ‘White Swan’ in the middle of Stokesley is an excellent place to get a good pint of real ale!

The show itself was really enjoyable, next year though we will be recruiting a volunteer to come with us; we were really busy all day and neither of us got chance to have a proper look around. It was nice to have loads of interest in our stand, and get a few good orders too! This week we’ll be working on a small traditional style swinging sign with an E type Jag design, and getting a variation of our popular ‘Sheep & Collie’ Farm sign laser cut, amongst several other things.


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