Window Grille

Security Grille

Security Grille Open.We made this window security grille for a customer in Leeds. She wanted a grille for her basement window that would prevent anyone from getting in, but that would also be quite decorative and not just look like prison bars. So I sent four or five different designs over, and this is the one she picked out.

We drilled holes in the two horizontal bars for the vertical bars to sit in, before TIG welding the whole thing together, making this grille as secure as it possibly can be. The main difficulty we had with this project was in making the scrolls exactly the same – ┬ábecause they are hand forged there will always be slight differences, but the symmetry of this design made it vital to get them as precise as we could. Welding around the two central half bars was difficult because of the position of the scrolls being exactly where the welding torch wanted to be. Took ages but is now finished and on its way to be electroplated and powder coated, so should be completely ready by the middle of next week.

It is welded to four hinges, and the whole grille will open over 180 degrees. In order to keep the cost down for the customer, Phiz made a simple hasp and staple rather than buying in expensive locks. We’ve also made it a few inches larger than the opening it will cover so that the full weight of the grille will not be on the edge of the bricks.

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