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Due to the imminent birth of our twin daughters, Black Fox Metalcraft will be closed to new orders from 1st July – 15th October 2020.

If you would like to send an enquiry, or have your name and order details put on the waiting list, please fill in our contact form and someone will get back to you. Don’t worry if you have placed your order before 1st July, these will be made and dispatched in the normal time frame.

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Weathervanes, House and Farm Signs

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Morgan Car Weathervane

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John Deere 5010 Weathervane

Farm Signs

Collie House Name Sign

Chickens House Number Sign

Deer House Name Sign

Driveway Sign

Gun Dog House Number Sign

Gun Dogs Pointer House Name Sign

Working Cocker Spaniel House Sign

Horse & Cart House Sign

Sheep and Border Collie Farm Sign

Stainless Steel House Name Sign

Clydesdale, Dogs & Cat Sign

Dairy Farm Swinging Sign

Double Sided Anchored Sign

Dressage Swinging Sign

Farm Animals swinging sign

Hare and Pheasant Swinging Sign

Hare Swinging Sign

Hereford Bull Swinging Sign

Highland Cows Swinging Sign

Horse and Trap Swinging Sign

Nettles Swinging Sign

Pegasus Swinging Sign

Pig and Piglets Swinging Sign

Robin Swinging Sign

Turkey Swinging Sign

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Floral Art Stands

Adjustable Floral Art Stand

Collapsible Floral Art Stand

Floral Art Basket

Floral Art Stand - Onion

From the Forge

Fork Candle Holders

Garden Fork Candelabra

Hand Forged Swirl Keyring

Forged Coat Hooks

Cockerel, Hen & Chicks Coat Hooks

Poodle Forged Coat Hooks

Wall Art Mug Rack

Bear Fishing Forged Coat Hooks

Dog Lead Hooks

Gun Dog Forged Coat Hooks

Labrador Forged Coat Hooks

Motorbike Forged Coat Hooks

Personalised Name Hooks

Pig & Piglets Forged Coat Hooks

Pointer Forged Coat Hooks

Garden Shears Hooks

Garden Fork Forged Coat Hooks

Wall Hook Hand Forged

Garden Features

Gift Vouchers

£10 Gift Voucher

£25 Gift Voucher

£50 Gift Voucher

Hanging Baskets Brackets

Badger Hanging Basket Bracket

Bumble Bee Bracket

Fox Hanging Basket Bracket

Gothic Hanging Basket Bracket

Manchester Bee Bracket

Otter Hanging Basket Bracket

Patterdale Terrier Bracket

Saxophone Hanging Basket Bracket

Tortoise Hanging Basket Bracket

Art Nouveau Bracket



House & Farm Signs

Alsatian House Number Sign

Dachshund House Name Sign

Digger House Number Sign

Elephants House Number Sign

Flying Scotsman House Sign

Horse Trials House Number Sign

Squirrels House Name Sign

Swallows Round House Name Sign

Tall Ship House Number Sign

Triumph Bonneville House Name Sign

Vintage Motorcycle House Name Sign

Art Nouveau House Number Sign

Cat & Bird House Number Sign

Art Nouveau House Name Sign

Swallows & Vines House Name Sign

Blackbird Coat Hooks

Cat & Bird Key Hooks

Dinghy Forged Coat Hooks

Fishing Forged Coat Hooks

Gardener Forged Coat Hooks

Horse Trial Forged Coat Hooks

Sheepdog Coat Hooks

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Swinging signs

Bespoke Swinging Sign

Blacksmith's Shop Swinging Sign

Bull Swinging Sign

Cats Swinging Sign

Dachshund Swinging Sign

Dinghy Swinging Sign

Fox Swinging Sign

Granary Swinging Sign

Hand Painted Swinging Sign

Hare & Squirrel Swinging Sign

Horse & Cart Swinging Sign

JCB Digger Swinging Sign

Kingfisher Swinging Sign

Malamute Swinging Sign

Morgan Swinging Sign

Mr Toad Swinging Sign

Oast House Swinging Sign

Owl and Oak Tree Swinging Sign

Pheasant Swinging Sign

Rose Swinging Sign

Smugglers Swinging Sign

Thatched Cottage Swinging Sign

Horse Swinging Sign

Collie, Sheep & Shepherd Sign

Fox Logo Swinging Sign

Coarse Fishing Swinging Sign

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Wall Mounted Names & Numbers

African Animals House Sign

Charleston Dancers House Sign

Climbing Roses House Sign

Gardener House Name Sign

Labrador and Puppy House Sign

Labrador Oval House Name Sign

Laser Cut House Name Sign

Leaping Hare House Number Sign

Schnauzer House Number Sign

Toad Hall House Name Sign

Wall Mounted House Sign

Ward La France House Name Sign

Yahama XT House Name Sign

Alsatian House Name Sign

Beagle House Sign

Farm Animals House Sign

Highland Cow House Sign

Labrador Gun Dog House Name Sign

New Holland House Number Sign

Swaledale & Collie Farm Name Sign

Wall Mounted Signs Information

Weathervane information


Banner Weathervane

Four Witches Weathervane

Oak Tree Weathervane

Sun Weathervane

Cat & Bird Weathervane

Coarse Fishing Weathervane

Cockerel Hen & Chicks Weathervane

Cockerel Weathervane

Elephants Weathervane

Horse Trials Weathervane

Dressage Weathervane

Lion Weathervane

Owl Weathervane

Red Kite Weathervane

Black Fox Weathervane

Sheep & Collie Weathervane

Bespoke Weathervane

John Deere Tractor Weathervane

Triumph Weathervane

Bald Eagle Weathervane

Crows Weathervane

Curlew Weathervane

Dove Weathervane

Homing Pigeon Weathervane

Owl Hunting Weathervane

Puffins Weathervane

Red Kite & Apples Weathervane

Swallows and Oak Weathervane

Swallows Weathervane

Swallows Weathervane

Guinea Fowl Weathervane

Pheasant Weathervane

Turkeys Weathervane

Partridges Weathervane

Penguins Weathervane

Fishing Schooner Weathervane

Norfolk Wherry Weathervane

Fishing Boat Weathervane

Trimaran Weathervane

Viking Long Boat Weathervane

Yacht Weathervane

Aston Martin DB5 Weathervane

Austin 7 Chummy Weathervane

Austin 7 Ruby Weathervane

Austin 7 Top Hat Weathervane

Austin 7 Ulster Weathervane

Austin Healey 100/4

Austin Healey 3000 Weathervane

Bentley Mark 6 Weathervane

Bugatti Weathervane

Classic Mini Weathervane

Ferrari 330 P4 Weathervane

Ford Granada Weathervane

Humber 12 Weathervane

Jaguar E Type Weathervane

Jaguar Mark 2 Weathervane

Jaguar XK120 Weathervane

Jaguar XK140 Weathervane

Jaguar XK150 Weathervane

Lagonda Weathervane

Landrover 110 Weathervane

MG TD Weathervane

Morgan 3 Wheeler Weathervane

Morris Minor Traveller

Morris Minor Weathervane

Mustang Weathervane

Porsche 911 Weathervane

Porsche 996 Weathervane

Range Rover Weathervane

Rolls Royce Weathervane

Sunbeam Car Weathervane

Traction Avant Weathervane

Triumph TR6 Weathervane

Varley Woods Weathervane

VW Beetle Weathervane

VW Camper Weathervane

Alsatian Weathervane

Cockerpoo & Man Weathervane

Cockerpoo Weathervane

Dachshund Weathervane

Dogs Tug of War Weathervane

Flat Coat Retreiver Weathervane

Gordon Setter Weathervane

Labrador and Puppy Weathervane

Labrador Sitting Weathervane

Labrador Weathervane

Pointers Weathervane

Pointer Weathervane

Pugs Weathervane

Red Setter & Terrier Weathervane

Retreiver & Spaniel Weathervane

Schnauzer Weathervane

Spaniels Weathervane

Border Collie Weathervane

Collie & Master Weathervane

Gun Dog Weathervane

Working Cocker Weathervane

Donkey, Pig and Goat Weathervane

Fox Running Weathervane

Children & Dog Weathervane

Gardeners Weathervane

Gardener Weathervane

Motorbike and Dogs Weathervane

Cat chasing Dogs Weathervane

Howling Wolf Weathervane

Landrover 90 Weathervane

Landrover and Trailer Weathervane

Landrover SI Weathervane

Woodyard Weathervane

Alpacas Weathervane

Blackface Sheep Weathervane

Hereford Bull Weathervane

Highland Cow Weathervane

Pigs and Chickens Weathervane

Sheep and Trailer Weathervane

Fordson Tractor Weathervane

Massey Ferguson Weathervane

New Holland Weathervane

Bagpiper Weathervane

Beauticians Weathervane

Charleston Dancers Weathervane

Children Playing Weathervane

Cine Camera Weathervane

Cricket Weathervane


Edinburgh Castle Weathervane

Gardening Lady Weathervane

Golfer Weathervane

Harp Weathervane

Hunter Weathervane

Morris Dancers Weathervane

Rugby Line Out Weathervane

Three Lions Banner Weathervane

Triathlon Weathervane

Mr. Toad Weathervane

Cycling Weathervane

Rowing Weathervane

Vintage Mower Weathervane

Dinghy Weathervane

Horse & Carriage Weathervane

Horse Racing Weathervane

Fell Pony Weathervane

Horse and Hounds Weathervane

Horse and Cart Weathervane

Cobs Weathervane

Horse and Trap Weathervane

BMW GS Weathervane

Bonneville Weathervane

Brough Superior Weathervane

Harley Road King Weathervane

Honda SP2 Weathervane

Joey Dunlop Racing Weathervane

Motocross Weathervane

Motorbike in Wind Weathervane

Panther Weathervane

Royal Enfield Bullet Weathervane

Triton Weathervane

Triumph Tiger Weathervane

VFR Motorbike Weathervane

Yamaha XT500 Weathervane

Joey Dunlop Weathervane

Bat Weathervane

Deer Weathervane

Flying Pig Weathervane

Fox and Badger Weathervane

Giraffe Weathervane

Grayling Weathervane

Hare Leaping Weathervane

Hare Sitting Weathervane

Hare Weathervane

Marlin Weathervane

Orca Whale Weathervane

Pixie Weathervane

Roaring Stag Weathervane

Scottish Lion Weathervane

Squirrels Weathervane

Whale Weathervane

Witch & Cat Weathervane

Argosy Plane Weathervane

Flying Scotsman Weathervane

Haflinger Weathervane

Helicopter Weathervane

Lancaster Bomber Weathervane

LMS Jubilee Train Weathervane

Lorry Weathervane

Spitfire in Clouds Weathervane

Spitfire Weathervane

Stuart Tank Weathervane

Tiger Moth Biplane Weathervane

Tipper Truck Weathervane

Traction Engine Weathervane

Ward La France Weathervane

Doosan Excavator Weathervane

Harley Davidson Weathervane

JCB Digger Weathervane

Tall Ship Weathervane

Velocette Weathervane

Window Boxes