Alternative Mothers’ Day Gift Ideas To Flowers & Chocolates

Mother’s Day is fast approaching on 10 March, and mums up and down the country will hopefully be treated to breakfast in bed, a nice meal out, and a special gift. This day of observance originated back in the Middle Ages, when it was common practice for children to leave their families at an early age and go into domestic service.

On the fourth Sunday before Easter, children were allowed to return to their home or ‘mother’ church for a service. Over time, this developed into an occasion for families to reunite, and children would pick a bunch of wildflowers to give as a gift to their mothers. It was also permitted to break the Lent fast with celebration foods such as simnel cakes.

We still celebrate our mothers today with gifts such as flowers or chocolates, which are of course a lovely token of appreciation. However, if you are looking for a more unique and personal gift for your mother this year, you may like to consider a bespoke weathervane

The design of the weathervane can be customised to reflect a favourite hobby, such as hiking or gardening. It could also be an opportunity to pay tribute to a favourite pet, or celebrate a love of wildlife and nature. In fact, there’s no limit to the subject matter so let your imagination roam freely!

It’s also possible to choose from an extensive portfolio of existing designs that have been beautifully handcrafted with a blend of artistic and metalwork expertise. The high quality wind vanes are not just decorative but also fully functional, engineered to point to the direction that the wind is blowing when mounted in an elevated position.

Popular weathervane designs

Animals, nature and wildlife

The British countryside is a continual source of inspiration to artists and many of us in our everyday lives, whether it’s a love of trees, birds, or animals. These subjects are among the popular design ideas for weather vanes. For example, the instantly recognizable features of a barn owl create a very distinctive weathervane silhouette. 

Alternatively, choose from many magnificent birds of prey such as kites and kestrels, or much-loved garde birds such as swallows and ravens, or water fowl such as swans, geese, or ducks. Game birds, sea birds, or even the legendary dodo are other popular choices or design inspiration. 

Foxes, badges, hares, deer, or more exotic wildlife such as giraffes or elephants are other potential design ideas for anyone who loves the natural world.

Hobbies & pets

The weathervane could be designed to reflect a favourite hobby, such as gardening, cycling, music, beauty therapies, or even just chilling out with a glass of wine! Other favourite ideas include pets, vehicles, horses, or mythical creatures such as witches or pixies.