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Hunting, Shooting and Fishing Weathervanes


This page shows our portfolio of weathervane designs with a hunting, shooting or fishing theme. We have created so many variations on these that it would be impossible to list them all, but if you would like a Spaniel in place of a Labrador, a female hunter instead of a male, or even a minor change of outfit, that's absolutely fine, please contact us. All design work is done by a professional designer with a love of dogs & the countryside, and we welcome commissions for bespoke weathervanes that we know mean so much to our customers.

The quality of workmanship is always to the highest standard. TIG welded with care at our workshop near Hawick, and then electroplated to prevent rusting, our weathervanes are built to last. The eye catching black powder coat is very durable, as well as giving the product a traditional look. Each design functions perfectly, in that it balances front to back with enough surface area to catch and spin into the wind, so as well as being a fantastic way to decorate a building, they are also an effective weather reading tool.