Bespoke Metalcraft

This page displays a few examples of bespoke metalwork projects that we are proud of. We welcome commissions, so do get in touch via our contact page to discuss your ideas.

A pair of gate panels featuring a farming scene. The customer was very specific about the design and precise in his measurements so this piece came together easily. We think it looks fantastic against the white render of the house.

Laser Cut Gate Panels




Bespoke laser cut Mural


We created a set of 8 ft high laser cut murals to reflect the changing seasons, the Autumn piece is pictured. I loved this project as it involved spending hours drawing from nature!

A bespoke flower seat, created for a local wedding florist. The challenge with this piece was in making it come apart into manageable sized pieces for ease of moving and setting up, while also bolting together securely and easily. It looks amazing when decorated.

Bespoke Flower Seat


Bespoke Business Signs


A very large swinging sign created for a Bnb in Pembrokeshire.

We love creating designs for bespoke laser cut wall art. This wizard piece measures approximately 1m square and was designed to the customer's specification.

Bespoke Wall Art


Wine Glass Chandeleir


We created the circular frames for this wine glass chandeleir, while our customer collected colourful wine glasses from charity shops. For a restaurant in Cheshire.

We produced a set of 20 vase shaped flower stands for another local florist. These were really complex to make, as each involved 8 identical lengths of flat bar, all bent by hand and welded together.

Bespoke Flower Stands


Bespoke Swinging sign for restaurant


 A very large swinging sign, designed and manufactured for a restaurant in Cheshire.
A bespoke piece of contemporary wall art exploring the textures and colours of different metals. Bespoke Wall Art


Restored Gilded Finial

We re gilded this finial for a local church, a very fiddly job!
We absolutely love this picece; a bespoke hexagonal firepit based on the theme of the Scottish highlands - each side has a different design.


Bespoke Firepit