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Aeroplane Weathervane

From early vintage aeroplanes to the most modern machines, we can create bespoke weathervane designs at no additional cost, either by doing our own research, or by working from photos provided by customers. All designs are created by an experienced professional, so you'll be impressed by our attention to detail and quality of work. Contact us on 01450 880380 to discuss your ideas with no obligation.

We take pride in our designs and workmanship, and always ensure our products are created to the highest standard. All of our weathervanes are carefully TIG welded together at our workshop near Hawick, before being electroplated with zinc to help protect against rust. The durable black powder coat is baked on at 170 degrees, giving a traditional looking finish that should last for many years to come. All of our weathervane designs do work perfectly in that they are designed to spin into the wind, so as well as being a unique way to decorate a building, they are also a functional tool in reading the weather. We're happy to answer any further technical questions you may have.