Bespoke Flower Frames and Stands

Some of the more challenging projects over the last ten years have been bespoke framework and stands for floral art. We've worked with a number of wedding florists, as well as members of various NAFAS groups and also churches. The great thing about metal is that it can be worked into virtually any shape you can imagine, and it's strength makes it an ideal material for producing flower stands. This post shows a few diverse examples of our creations:

Wedding Flower Seat Bespoke Flower Seat Decorated

The photos above show a bespoke wedding flower seat. It was designed to the specification of our customer, a local florist. The challenge with this project was that they needed it to come apart for ease of transportation, so a lot of maths was required to get the halves of the circle to match up with the seat, creating a smooth curve with the correct radius. Looks fantastic when decorated doesn't it!

Hand forged vase flower stands

These bespoke vase shaped flower stands are each made from 8 pieces of flat bar, all forged by hand. Getting each one to be exactly the same was tricky to say the least, and we did a run of about 20 of these stands so was a big project! They are so unique though, really eyecatching, and can be sprayed the required colour to match the theme of a wedding or event.

Table centrepiece frame

A really effective table centrepiece frame, for once a job that was relatively straightforward as they are just a rectangle with a heavy base at either end. Because of the strength of steel, we were able to keep the framework relatively thin and barely noticeable so not drawing attention away from the display. These were about 8 foot long, so the corner angles had to be very precise or the other end would have been a long way out, so other than taking our time with welding so nothing warped out of shape, this job wasn't too difficult.

Bespoke floral art frame for window

We were asked to create a metal frame to match the arc of this window, and again due to the size it needed to come apart for transportation.

Church flower stands

These three tiered church flower stands make a really effective display, but as the spiral is welded to the top and bottom they are a nightmare to package and post!

We've also created all sorts of bespoke frames for florists entering RHS flower shows - and been part of the winning display several times which was so exciting.  We can make virtually anything, so get in touch if you are thinking of comissioning a bespoke flower stand.