Bespoke Swinging Farm Sign

We recently produced this farm sign for a customer in Perthshire. It was bought as a gift, and features the animals that the family keep on their farm. All of the family including grandchildren get involved in the running of the farm, so is great to have been able to personalise the design in this way.

It's relatively straightforward to use this basic design and swap animals to suit your requirements so we do not charge for this service. In this case, the sheep didn't fit in the main design so we have cut them out of the plate below. A fantastic personalised gift - our customers were delighted.

This sign has a bar above and below with a hand forged scroll, and is fixed in place due to the very windy location. We also offer this design as a swinging sign, hanging from only one bar at the top. The text is painted by hand in three layers, on both sides of the sign.