Photo Competition 2023

Every year we run a photo competition, encouraging our customers to send in images of our products insitu, with our favourite image winning a £50 voucher for our online store. We've had some great ones, and this year is no exception - it's great to have these images to show what we can do - they look great on promotional postcards, and as a part of our online gallery.

What are we looking for in the winning image?

We welcome photos of our weathervanes, signs, hanging baskets and anything else that we have made for you. A good quality image where any laser cut design can be clearly seen works best, so for example with the sky behind it rather than a dark tree really helps the designs to stand out and look their best. If it can be photographed on a nice sunny day we find this helps too! With the weathervanes, getting the right angle can be helpful, where all four cardinal points can be seen clearly and the sail is pointing so that the laser cut design and arrow are flat on, so there is certainly an art to waiting for the right moment to get a quick snap! Below I've included our favourite metalwork photos for 2023...

Witch weathervane  Fox weathervane photo

I love the blue sky in these two images above, plus the fact the Witch and Fox design are flat on so you can see them clearly.

Village Sign photo Hanging Sign Photo

The blue/cloudy sky can clearly be seen through these laser cut swinging signs, making the bespoke designs stand out beautifully.

Bespoke windmill weathervane Bespoke Border Collie weathervane

The two weathervane photos above show bespoke designs. With the windmill one, thought the weathevrane itself is not that clear, we think it's brilliant how the windmill the design it was based on is right there! And the border collie weathervane was based on a photo of a customers dog - the black and white of Collies make them them work really well as weathervanes, and the angle of this photo shows the cardinal points perfectly, as well as the bespoke dog design.

Classic car weathervane Morris minor weathervane

Two bespoke classic car weathervanes, both based on our customers cars and given as gifts for their respective partners. Both are from great angles, and I love how the gilded arrow glints in the sun.

House Sign photo Swallows weathervane photo

And the final two.. a hand painted house sign, with a Toad Hall themed design. The white door allows the black metalwork to stand out and be noticed - looks great! And a lovely one of our popular Swallows weathervane - it was a Swallows weathervane that won last year actually, but this is such a great photo that this one is a clear contender for the 2023 prize. Now for the tough job of choosing the winner...