Shooting Weathervanes

We've had a lovely email from a very happy customer this week, who had ordered one of our Shooting weathervanes as a gift:

"Parcel arrived before lunch excellent service.

 it was a present for our brother-in law and he was absolutely thrilled with it , the detail is amazing we wanted to keep it ourselves  but grudgingly let him have it.

 Huge thank you to everyone there for such great service from start to finish."

Shooting weathervane

Our shooting weathervanes can make a great personalised gift because we can easily alter small parts of the design, for example breed of dog, style of hat/coat to make it suit the intended recipient. We've done this design with several breeed of gun dogs including Spaniels, Labradors, and Pointers - we can even work directly from a photo of your dog, making a truly unique weathervane.

If you love the design but are looking for a gift on a smaller budget, have a look at our range of hand forged coat hooks. These laser cut designs are just as easy to personalise with whichever breed of dog you would like, and the hooks are made by hand on our coal forge using traditional blacksmithing techniques - a really unique and personalised Christmas gift.

Forged Coat Hooks