Spring at Borthwickbrae

Though we've not yet heard the unmistakeable call of Cuckoos in the woods behind the farm, and the valley is not yet filled with the sounds of chattering Swallows, Spring is definitely trying to break through here in the Scottish Borders. Easter has been extremely wet this year, but we did still manage to camp out in the garden one night, sat around our laser cut firepit listening to the Barn Owls screech and the rather less terrifying sound of Tawny Owls hooting.

If like us you're keenly watching the garden birds become more active, pair up and make their nests, check out our range of Bird Weathervanes. I'd love to add to our portfolio here - I'm definitely going to create a Woodpecker weathervane design as we have a breeding pair spending most of their time in our back garden (costing us a fortune in fat balls!) There is no charge for design work, so feel free to contact us if you have a favourite bird that you'd like to see on a weathervane - a wonderful unique gift for anyone with a keen interest in birds.

Workshop wise, this week we're finishing off making a set of firepits from old oil drums for a campsite here in the Borders, and are looking forward to many more evenings sat around ours!