Tips To Add Interest To Your Garden

It’s the season when we are spending more time outdoors and for many of us, that means sprucing up the garden or backyard. If you feel that your outside space is lacking in interest but are not quite sure what to do about it, here is some inspiration!

Commission a bespoke metalwork design

A unique piece of wrought ironwork can make your garden or yard feel complete and unique. For example, you could install a decorative weathervane on the roof of your shed or garage. There’s dozens of different designs to choose from, or you could commission your own design to create a piece of metalcraft that will bring life and personality to your garden.

For example, many people choose to have a design based on their hobby, such as cycling, music, cricket, fishing, or just enjoying a relaxed afternoon in your garden. Whatever your passion, it can be recreated with the latest laser cutting technology and finished with a durable black powder coat. 

Other sources of inspiration might be a favourite pet, wildlife, a vehicle or aircraft, mythical figures or fictional characters. Decorative ironwork can also be used to create house name plates, swinging signs, and hanging basket brackets among other items. 

Add a water feature

Water features can add a focal point to your garden, and also be a great way to attract wildlife. It doesn’t have to be anything as major as building a pond, although this is an excellent addition to a garden if you do have a suitable spot in a well drained area, preferably in partial sun and partial shade. 

A simple water feature can be added with a large shallow ceramic or metal bowl that will act as a bird bath. Place it in an area that is bird-friendly, with clear visibility and nearby bushes where they can take cover or sit and preen themselves. Keep the water clean and free from algae and dead leaves to encourage birds to use it regularly. 

Another great easy idea for a water feature is to link a collection of different height tubs together with a pre-cast plastic waterfall, so that as the tubs collect rainwater it overflows into the tubs below.  

Use logs in creative ways 

Log off-cuts are a brilliant way to add some interesting features to your garden. They can be used in so many ways. Use them to create rustic benches and tables, or as a plinth for a piece of garden sculpture. 

A simple arrangement of vertical log off cuts of varying lengths adds visual interest and also provides a fun way for children to exercise as they jump between them. 

Even if you just leave the logs in a pile in a shady corner of the garden, it will soon be utilised as a shelter for insects and overwintering creatures such as frogs and toads.  

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