Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Weathervane For Your Home

Weathervanes are an ancient method of weather forecasting, having been used since the days of Ancient Greece to determine which way the wind was blowing. This was crucial knowledge for people who relied solely on the land to feed them, as it helped them understand weather patterns and optimum times for reaping and sowing crops.

However, weathervanes have always had more than a functional purpose, even for the Greeks and Romans. Decorative styles are certainly not a newfangled fashion, with examples of elaborate tributes to the divine powers or creatures from Norse mythology found throughout Europe. 

Bespoke weathervanes are now a popular way to add some charm and character to your home. Here’s a look at some of the classic styles and designs, and how to decide which one might be the best fit for your home. 

Classic designs

When picturing the weathervane, many people will imagine the classic rooster design, and this is enduringly popular. It is thought to have religious roots dating back to the 9th century, when the Pope decreed that every church in Europe should display a rooster on its steeple to serve as a reminder of a Biblical prophecy. 

Nature & animals 

As weathervanes tended to be installed in rural areas, animals and nature symbols are often used as part of the design. Horses, dogs, foxes, and birds are popular choices, but the only limit is your imagination. Dragons, unicorns, or other mythical creatures can all be conjured up with the wizardry of metalcraft!

Personalised designs

Many people buy weathervanes as housewarming gifts, to celebrate a special occasion, or simply as a gesture of appreciation for a loved one. A custom design that reflects the recipients interests or hobbies can create a unique and thoughtful gift. 

You may also wish to link the design to the surrounding area, such as unique landmarks, scenes from local legends, notable wildlife, or the architectural features of the house or grounds. 

Discuss your ideas with the designer, who will be happy to provide some initial sketches, or work with any guidelines that you provide. 

Size and proportion

Consider where the weathervane will be placed to ensure that the size and proportions work well with the scale of the building. If you have a large garden and are placing the weathervane on a shed or post and want to see it from your house, consider a bolder and simpler design, as intricate details will be lost from a distance.  

Black Fox weathervanes are created with the latest laser cutting techniques, so no matter how detailed or intricate your design, it will bring an accurate and controlled result. The weathervanes are electroplated with zinc to protect them from rust, and finished with a matt black powder coat that is hard wearing, contemporary and stylish.