Unique Valentines Gifts

There are various stories explaining how the celebration of Valentines day came to be; many involving a Martyr named Valentine in the 3rd century, punished by the ruling Romans for ministering to Christian soldiers and even performing marriages that had been forbidden. It is even alleged that he restored sight to the eyes of his jailor's blind daughter, sending her a farewell note signed 'your Valentine' before his execution. It is also possible that the association with romance came in part because of the courtship in the animal and bird world seen at this point in early spring.

From the 18th century, Valentines Day was an occasion where couples would give gifts of homemade cards and flowers, but at some point in the last century the giving of heartfelt gifts was overtaken by mass produced greetings and pink hearts so for me the whole point in the celebration today can feel a little lost.
I think a Valentines gift can mean a lot more if you are able to avoid the generic shop bought items and find something unique or personalised that shows how well you know the recipient. If you're not able through timescale or practicality to actually hand make something yourself, why not think about a bespoke weathervane celebrating a hobby that you both share? There are a couple of great examples below; but as we can create designs based on absolutely anything, the only limit is your imagination. One quite popular design is the 'couple gardening' weathervane shown below. We've created loads of slight variations on this, for example changing the clothes and hair of the two figures, or swapping the dog for a cat, so you can personalise it to suit your family.

Gardening Couple weathervane

I also really like this Hikers weathervane. We've done a version of it featuring Edinburgh castle, but this can be swapped out for pretty much any location that is important to you and your loved one, and as above we can alter anything about the figures in the design.

Hikers weathervane

The image below shows a completely bespoke design we created recently for a couple who love modern Jive dancing. I worked from a photo of the two of them so it's a completely unique one off piece, and we went back and forth a few times on the email to get the design looking just right. Importantly, there is no extra charge for design work so you know exactly what you are paying from the start. Why not contact us to discuss your ideas?

Jive Dancers Weathervane