What Are The UK’s Favourite Dog Breeds?

One of the most popular symbols for a weathervane or swinging sign is a dog. This is not surprising, given Britain’s long standing reputation as a nation of dog lovers. Whether they are working dogs or faithful friends, these animals bring help and joy to millions of people. 

It is no surprise therefore that many people choose to pay tribute to their canine companions by commissioning a dog breed weathervane. Here’s a look at some of the most popular dog breeds in the UK.

The Labrador Retriever 

It is no surprise that this intelligent and kind hearted dog is the most popular breed in the UK. They are easy to train to high standards, which makes them ideal for assisting the disabled and for police work. Labradors are affectionate and lively dogs, who thrive on at least an hour’s exercise every day. 

The Cockapoo

This fun crossbreed has soared in popularity over the last decade, thanks to its sweet yet energetic disposition. The cockapoo is a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle, and these influences mean that the temperament may vary between individual dogs. Some are real livewires, while others are more laid back types, perfect for first time owners.

French Bulldog

This small but stocky breed is a popular companion dog due to its loving nature and distinctive features. They are intelligent dogs, who can have a stubborn streak but on the whole they are easy to handle and train. However they don’t always like being left alone and can become distressed if separated from their owners.

The Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniels are the liveliest dogs, bred for sport and they thrive on plenty of exercise. They can make great family pets but they need owners who are prepared to walk them daily. Their thick curly coats also require regular grooming to keep them in tip top condition, which is not always helped by this breed’s love of splashing around in muddy water!

The Dachshund

This much loved breed comes in three varieties—smooth haired, wire haired, and long haired, and also two sizes, standard and miniature. They are popularly known as ‘sausage dogs’ owing to their long bodies and short legs, which means that they are instantly recognisable, and much in demand because of their cute appearance.

They have affectionate personalities and are lively and playful dogs. The dachshund is a German breed, and its original purpose was badger hunting, hence the short legs and long bodies. 

Staffordshire Bull Terriers

The Staffie is an affectionate companion dog, although this breed is not recommended for first time owners. They can require firm handling and a lot of exercise, although many Staffies are gentle and fun to be around. 

Jack Russel Terrier

This is a small but feisty breed of dog who make great family pets, if they are given lots of exercise and are well trained. They also have a reputation for being a very healthy breed, so hopefully they won’t need too many trips to the vet.

Border Collie

The collie has a well-deserved reputation for being the most intelligent dog breed, and they are a lively dog needing lots of exercise, rather than a lap dog.