Why Metal House Signs Can Be A Perfect Housewarming Gift

One of the great British traditions is naming houses, often with quirky and charming monikers that ensure the postie will never mix you up with the neighbours. A made-to-order metal house sign is the perfect gift for a first time buyer, or a couple or family moving to a new home, helping them to truly put their own stamp on a property and define its character.   

Here are some useful suggestions to help you choose the perfect bespoke design that will be both a practical and beautiful housewarming gift. 

What are the advantages of choosing a metal sign?

A metal sign is not only a special blend of the traditional and contemporary, but it is also durable and a gift that will stand the test of time. Our metalwork is cut from high quality mild steel and electroplated with zinc for rust protection, so the sign will withstand the rigours of the British climate and look as good as new for years to come.

The signs are finished with a matt black powder coat that is baked on at 170 degrees for an extra layer of protection and an elegant contemporary finish. The design will benefit from laser cut precision, so none of the intricate detail will be lost. Therefore do not be afraid to lay down an artistic challenge for our talented designers!

Coated steel is a timeless material that will fit in equally well with a rustic country cottage or a sleek contemporary home. 

Tips for choosing the perfect design

Sometimes, the design may suggest itself from the name of the house, such as Blackbird cottage or Millstone House. However, if the name is more open to interpretation you may be unsure what design would work best. You may want to take inspiration from the local area: are there any quirky or interesting landmarks, such as a wishing well or an ancient church?

The local landscape or wildlife might be another good source of inspiration: is the area noted for any special features or conservation species such as rare trees, flowers, birds of prey, badgers, hares, wild ponies, or so on? These subjects would make striking and attractive designs as well as complementing the surroundings.

The sign could reflect the hobbies or interests of the occupants of the house: for example, do they love to garden, or are they keen outdoor activity types who go off hiking, biking, sailing, or hang gliding? Maybe they love classic motor vehicles or vintage motorbikes.

Pets are another great theme, so it could be an opportunity to honour a canine companion, a horse or pony, or a favourite cat. If the house has a characterful shape, then a silhouette of the building might work well. 

The sign can feature lettering hand painted in ivory cream. Times New Roman is the standard font, but this can be changed on request, and vinyl lettering can be used.