Bespoke Weathervanes

This page shows some examples of bespoke weathervanes we have created recently. We can create bespoke designs based on absolutely anything, and we love bringing your ideas to life, usually at no extra cost. Get in touch to find out more!

Bespoke weathervane - wildlife Photographer design A unique gift for a special birthday - a weathervane showing your loved one's hobbies and interests, like this wildlife photographer design.
A personalised gift celebrating the relationship between four sisters... four witches riding on their broomstick! Witches weathervane
Motorcycle weathervane We can create bespoke designs based on any motorbike. All we need is a decent photo from a side view and you can leave the rest to us.
Unique weathervanes based on your business logo. Business Logo weathervanes
Dog breed weathervanes Weathervane designs based on any breed of dog - we can work directly from a photo of your dog, like this Border Collie shown here.
Bespoke designs based on a building, like this restored windmill in Norfolk - we worked from a photo sent in by the customer. Windmill Weathervane


Classic Car weathervane

Custom weathervanes based on any make or model of classic car. This example shows a Triumph Stag. We can work from photos of your car, and paint them to match if required. A wonderful personalised gift for any classic car enthusiast!