Horse Weathervanes in Hawick

I recently read a statistic that in the Scottish Borders 'there are more horses per person than anywhere else in the UK'. It's not actually that surprising given the countryside around Hawick is ideal for horseriding with old drove roads, ancient roman roads, plus acres of woodland, lochs and rivers make for a range of varied rides through stunning scenery, for both long distance and shorter days out.

Horseriding traditions are kept alive in Hawick in part by the Common Riding, an annual event which takes place in early summer, celebrating the capture of an English flag in 1514 by the youth of Hawick. In the centre of Hawick on the high street is a well known local landmark, created in 1914 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of this battle. Ride outs along the boundaries take place, and "Safe Oot - Safe In" is a well-known Borders saying, wishing horse riders a safe journey during the Common-Riding.

Hawick Horse

The Black Fox Metalcraft workshop is in Roberton, a few miles outside of Hawick so thought it appropriate to highlight our range of Horse Weathervanes. Our portfolio of designs currently includes Cobs, Racehorses, hunting scenes and everything in between. We can create bespoke designs at no extra cost, and are happy to work from customers photos, creating unique and personalised gifts. If you are thinking of commissioning a Horse weathervane, please get in touch today to discuss your ideas.

Horse weathervane photo