Unusual Weathervanes

A bear driving a vintage sports car weathervane? Why not? I've actually just photoshopped this image to illustrate the point that we can create weathervane designs based on literally anything.. the only limit is your imagination.

Unusual weathervanes

An example of an unusual weathervane design that we did actually make is this Pig running into a pipe design... it was created for a customer who was an engineer, spending his career working with machinery known as 'Pigs', in this case for cleaning industrial pipe lines, and his wife had the idea of using an actual Pig in the design - a truly unique weathervane.

Unusual weathervane

An unusual bespoke weathervane can be a talking point, even a local landmark if in a prominent location - something that will stand out and be noticed. Because all of our designs are done on a computer, we can draw out literally any idea that comes to mind, sending it back and forth by email until the customer is happy with it.

We do not charge extra for design work and love the challenge of creating something unique so why not get in touch to discuss your ideas!